The personal web-hub of Brandon Ramsey, B. R. Coding is a gateway to several experiments and projects. This domain is a host to several CMS's for multiple platforms, including but not limited to WordPress, Drupal, Magento, ZenCart and so on. It also contains backend services for applications and browser extensions that are being developed and tested; as well as spiders, parsers, unit testers, mundane scripting tasks etc...

Born in the Midwest, Brandon spent the bulk of his formative years in two college towns, Austin, Texas and Laramie, Wyoming-which helped to foster his eclectic interests and life-long love of learning and nature. He moved to the Seattle area to attend the Northwest College of Arts, and graduated in only 3 years with his Bachelor's in Fine Arts. He then went on to work for several years as a professional sculptor before enrolling in ITT Tech where he received his Associate's Degree of Applied Science in Software Development Technology. Today, he continues to seek out new opportunities and challenges, both professionally-in tackling unique contracts and projects-as well as personally, as the proud father of his young daughter.

Previous mediums were wood, stone, metal and synthetic materials.

Then along came mediums such as VB, JAVA, and Web Technologies.
  • Review global web sites and determine commerce-oriented scenarios that create value for the consumer using database reporting and event monitoring analytics.
  • Develop and maintain script for production application that monitors and identifies a client´s loaded DOM and creates a query string for the primary application.
  • Maintain multiple development environments for execution and documentation of QA duties.
  • Used an internal API to develop the client side web technologies for a web content targeting and presentation application.
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, AJAX, JSON.
  • Train customers in the use and functions of the modified osCart based CMS and the WordPress blog CMS.
  • Reproduce, record, and report operational errors reported by customers in osCart based CMS.
  • Train customers in the fundamentals of SEO content and Web Marketing.
  • Maintain and audit CRM system.
  • Update and install all customer osCart based CMS´s and WordPress blogs.
  • Transfer development environment CMS´s and database´s to live production servers upon customer approval.
  • Maintain base versioning of osCart based CMS and WordPress blog.
  • Upload and Install new instances of osCart based CMS and WordPress blog to development environment for data entry and web design process.
  • Locate, debug and fix errors from customer error reports.
  • Define, develop and publish new modules for use on the osCart based CMS and the in-house CRM system.
  • Create, maintain, archive and transfer databases for each individual customer´s CMS instance and the in-house CRM system.
  • Create and maintain ad feeds in compliance with Google shopping standards.
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, XML.
  • Design and develop the visual elements and layouts of templates for a proprietary CMS.
Notepad++, Visual Studio, IIS, XAMPP, cPanel, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, SQL Server Management Studio, PHPMyAdmin, Sharepoint, Git
Experienced Languages:
Functional Languages:
C++, ASP, Java
Libraries/ APIs/ Frameworks:
jQuery, Bootstrap 3, Angular, Laravel, .NET, MVC, Google Analytics
Associate of Applied Science in Software Development Technology, ITT Technical Institute 2011 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication, Northwest College of Art 2005
WordPress Marketing Site and Artist Portfolio
Position: Web Developer
Kirkland, WA
01/2015 — 02/2015
  • Artist's portfolio and Media Marketing hub through hosted WordPress installation.
  • Custom theme for maximum content exposure.
  • Custom plugin for affiliate banner creation and management through multiple affiliate programs.
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, WordPress
Web Application/Internal Database
Position: Web Developer
Austin, TX
11/2014 — 04/2015
  • Create a web application for the internal use of employees at Chained Land Records LLC.
  • Develop and maintain script for production application that allows users to submit, edit, and delete reports in/to the internal database.
  • Develop and maintain script for production application that allows users to upload and attach images and pdfs to individual reports in the database as well as remove the relationship and delete said files from the server.
  • Implement a user authentication system to control the level of access and rights allowed to individual users.
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, MySQL, AJAX, JSON, Bootstrap
Shopify Store - eCommerce
Position: Web Technologies Consultant
Kirkland, WA
  • Data migration of large eCommerce inventory from across multiple platforms (Etsy, Amazon, eBay) to a centrally located Shopify database.
  • Store/Module installation, customization and registration.
  • Minor theme and templating modifications.
  • HTML, CSS, MySQL, Liquid(Ruby based templating)

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